Why we are obsessed with Matcha

We believe in the ancient wisdom of beauty and the power of natural products. We are obsessed with safe, non-toxic and organic beauty that bring us pure joy. 

matcha obsessed tea ceremony

We bring to you the key to an ancient tradition – the Matcha tea ceremony – a rich, graceful custom that began in Japan 800 years ago.

Let peace drift over you as you slow down and release the stress of your day, embarking on a path of healing and beauty that has been taken for centuries. 

Matcha tea leaves are grown with exquisite care – shaded from sunlight for 30 days before harvest, and finely ground using the whole leaf, for 15 times the nutrients of loose leaf green tea. 

Scientists have put words to what the ancient Zen Buddhists have known for generations – Matcha reduces free radicals, and is a more powerful antioxidant than any other plant. It cleanses, repairs, heals, and moisturizes – preventing premature signs of age and bringing vitality and glow back to the skin. Our ceremonial-grade Matcha honors this age-old tradition.

Carefully handmade in small meticulous batches, it is at once invigorating and soothing, for a harmonious balance borne of a timeless Japanese ritual. These alluring secrets are now yours to enjoy in this pure, natural mask.